Palermo – The Bad, the Ugly and the Beautiful!


The bad, the ugly and the beautiful!

Palermo, a big city on the north west coast of Sicily. 

At the outskirts, sprawling suburbs of high rise apartments, monotonous, predictable.

At the centre, a city of historic wonders,  tourists, and if you happen to be staying at a small hotel in the underbelly –  an ethnic fusion of Italians, Arabs, Indians and Africans.

Palermo, with its heart of evil and glory!

Palermo, the traditional stronghold of the Mafia, the city where the two famous anti mafia judges Falcone and Borsellino were murdered by the mafia and where today, the politics and administration is firmly in the hands of the mob.

But there’s  so much more to Palermo’s heart, which made it for us, one of the most interesting and memorable cities we had visited.






























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