Focus on The Philippines – Part 3

It’s an odd thing about travelling; often, whether you like it or not, your appreciation of what you experienced at the time gains another dimension later, when the  journey is over. Right now, as I copy these images on to my word press post, I am aware of the colours and contrasts we experienced whilst travelling in The Philippines – they seem so much more intense now, as I sit here in our third story apartment in Rotterdam. It is winter, it is cold, the trees are bare and leafless, the canals frozen solid; I am  enjoying riding my bike and walking in the park and meeting friends and making plans for the next journey. But I’m also enjoying looking  at images of The Philippines and marvelling at the notion that we were there only a month ago, it seems almost unbelievable. 

Sometimes, the past gains a purity, an intensity – a simplicity – which it did not have at the time  because our minds were caught up with the business of finding somewhere to stay, catching the next bus, train or ferry, where to find something to eat etc. – move the time frame on, and we are freed of all that and can look back and savour what we experienced from a new perspective.  























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