‘K.L.’ – as Kuala Lumpur is commonly known amongst many travellers – is not a place to visit to see ‘sights’. Better off then to go to Penang, for example.

But K.L. is useful, especially for catching trains and buses and most of all: flights. It’s one of Asia’s major transport hubs. Time and again, we’ve found ourselves booking a flight to KL from Europe or Australia, and then from KL getting a connecting flight to somewhere  in Asia.

And when we stay in K.L, its always in the backpacker area.

In the heart of that booming modern city, there are hundreds of backpacker hotels in between the high rise concrete and glass towers. People from all over Asia and the world converge in back street restaurants and stalls, everyone on the  move; few of the hotels book a room for longer than a night or two. 

There, in the heart of K.L., a slice of our globalised world  on view, people from every corner of the world, on the move.  
























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