Australia! Images of a Big Country – Part 1

These photos were taken as Anya and I rode north on the western side of New South Wales. By and large, we followed unsealed back roads and from our perspective, this is  a unique way to see Australia.


A cold and misty morning gradually recedes before the sun, creating a shadow land.


Sunset – a wonderful time to be in the outback but as the temperature drops quickly, it’s also a time to find somewhere to pitch the tent.


An abandoned farm home – one of many we saw on the way.


An abandoned 19th century agricultural implement lying around gathering rust


Agriculture in the 21st century (winter is the only time crops can be grown, a 3-4 month window of opportunity)


The local church – open once a month for the believers living on outlying farms


The splendid native bird the emu


Very curious about our bikes on the back of our old car!


The timeless symbol of rural Australia: the statue of the Anzac soldier.


Larrikin corellas crowding the air waves of a country radio station tower.




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