Walking the Italian Alps – Part 2

Most people who think of the ‘Italian Alps’ think of the mountains in the north west – the Dolomites. This area is certainly worth visiting, but the mountains in the north east of Italy are our preference because they are comparatively far less developed. There are fewer hotels and mostly, we stayed in family run holiday apartments or in family holiday homes. These were consistently very good. Supplies can be obtained from local general stores, often quite small, but nevertheless with enough to put together some reasonable meals.  And it was always interesting to go the one shop in the village and experience the locals – usually involved in a voluble discussion with the shop keeper and each other! 

Our favourite time of the year is spring, when there’s still snow on the peaks and the sounds of gushing streams and rivers. The only disadvantage of this is that some of the trails can’t be followed because sections of them are still buried under snow. 
















The weather can change quickly at the higher altitudes. A fine day can be suddenly ambushed by cloud – and rain or snow. 







After a month in the Italian Alps, we left, taking locals buses down the plains…..


……and after a few hours, found ourselves in another world, the historic Italy of the Renaissance….




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