Life in a Ukrainian village

Life in a village in the south of the Ukraine: a harsh one.  People rarely laugh. There isn’t much to laugh about. Life is a struggle. Summers are wet, winters are cold, incomes are low. 






A staple food item: cabbages.


Wood is the only means of cooking and staying warm.


There’s an asphalt road in the middle of town. That’s the only one. 


The road is a good place to try and sell stuff. 


All the side streets are unsealed and after a rain, a quagmire. 






Crossing the river on the footbridge is a precarious business, especially for the elderly. 


Communism collapsed, leaving behind it old, abandoned factories and memories of full employment.


A hard life and at the end of it, in accordance with the Orthodox Christian tradition, your image on a gravestone. 


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