A Summer Evening in Bremen

When we left our bed and breakfast early in the morning, we calculated that we had about 100 kilometres to ride to Bremen. However we somehow got our calculations wrong and early in the afternoon, just when we thought we had put quite a distance behind us, we saw this sign:

This came as a shock – and we realised we wouldn’t get to Bremen until evening. The bike riding in this area of Germany is very good, well sign- posted and passing through some attractive countryside.  There was a good bike path leading into the centre of Bremen and intersecting with the central railway station.


In front the railway station was a large open plaza – and it was lively, with people out on a pleasant summer evening.


After lodging in our hotel and putting our bikes away in a cellar beneath the hotel, we went for a long walk around old Bremen – and we were surprised how much of it had seemed to have survived the Second World War.









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