Anya and I had never been to Corsica – which was a good reason to go there. But  in addition, we discovered that it was a good walking destination; the island is mountainous, indeed far more so than I ever would have suspected, and is plied with established trails.

We bought two walkers’ maps of Corsica before leaving: one covering the north and the other, the south. During this stay, of about 3 weeks, we focused on the north (next time it will be the south). Most people follow the European GR 2 trail, staying at bed and breakfast or huts on the way. We avoided the GR trails by and large because they were very busy, this being the first time in two years that anyone could go walking because of Covid. The overwhelming number of walkers and tourists are French. 

Corsica is thinly populated and – a pleasant surprise for us – many of the towns and villages are historic. In general much of the coast is more developed, although even there, some historic gems can be found. 




































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