Daman, India

Daman is one of three provinces on the west coast of India which was founded by the Portuguese four centuries ago, the other two being Goa and further north, Dieu. Anya and I first visited Dieu and Goa during the early 1990´s, when these places were still very Portuguese, with fine old houses, churches, monasteries, shops and forts. In both of these provinces, mass Indian tourism has obliterated this historic Portuguese influence and any sense of character or identity. 

These photos of Daman on the western coast of India were taken in 2015. We stopped there at the end of three months of travelling in India (especially Madhya Pradesh) and were surprised at the extent of the historic Portuguese influence still visible. It reminded us of how the other two provinces had once been before the Indian tourist industry took over. 

How Daman looks today might be a different matter.

When Anya and I were there, we saw no other foreign tourists. 













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